Cap of liberty

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Tenders are invited for Industrial Safety Leather Shoes With Low Ankal Isi Marked With Stell Top Cap Of Liberty Make Or Bata Make Only.
The hats feature the Hamylo logo, an “H” topped with the Cap of Liberty, as it appears on Haiti's national flag.
He reads the Karlskirche in Vienna or the Royal Hospital in Greenwich as historical 'documents' with messages to convey: in James Thornhill's fresco in the Painted Hall at Greenwich, William III and Mary II restore the cap of liberty to a grateful Europe.
George wanted the 120ft high Column of Liberty to advertise his support for the Whig Party and from its summit a 12ft statue of a young woman, with the Staff of Maintenance and the Cap of Liberty - symbols associated with Britannia - looks out over the estate.
In the five essays found in this book the author emphasizes the importance of meanings in a highly ritualized and equally highly charged field of symbolic power and display in which the red cap of liberty might be hoisted, a toast offered to some cause or principle, or standing refused when "God Save the King" was played.