Capacity for heat

the power of absorbing heat. Substances differ in the amount of heat requisite to raise them a given number of thermometric degrees, and this difference is the measure of, or depends upon, what is called their capacity for heat. See Specific heat, under Heat.

See also: Capacity

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Downstream to the nonwoven production, the site also has capacity for heat setting, printing, coating and impregnation.
Description : Construction and operation of a modern and environmentally responsible energy supply plant (including heat storage and an electrode boiler) with around 200 MW capacity for power, and nearly the same capacity for heat in the city of Kiel, capital of the German Federal State of Schleswig Holstein.
The ecoDC has the capacity for heat extraction of up to 55 kW/cabinet with an ultra-low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.
Most are working models so that the customer can see them in operation and understand their capacity for heat generation and looks.
The ocean has a huge storage capacity for heat, water, and carbon dioxide compared to the atmosphere.
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