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Noun1.Cape Ann - a Massachusetts peninsula to the north of Boston extending into the Atlantic Ocean
Bay State, Massachusetts, Old Colony, MA - a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
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Salem Five Bank has said that it has acquired Gloucester-based Cape Ann Insurance.
IN July after Albet's business trip in New York City to visit the IPG Mediabrands Headquarters, we decided to drive from New York to Boston to Cape Ann to Newport Rhode Island for a week.
He began telling us how three of the world's most important "inventions" (or their forerunners) were dreamed up in Cape Ann - central heating, frozen food and the remote control.
5% Interest in the joint ventures owning FSRUs Neptune and GDF Suez Cape Ann, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 28, 2017-HA[pilcrow sign]egh LNG Partners Suspends Acquisition of an Additional Stake in JVs Owning FSRUs Neptune, GDF Suez Cape Ann
He told us how three of the world's most important 'inventions' (or the forerunners of) were dreamt up in Cape Ann - central heating, frozen food and the remote control.
The Folly Cove that Rocco speaks of was Jinnee and her family's rural home in Cape Ann on Massachusetts Bay.
Perhaps more tantalizing are the interwoven but undeveloped references to writers like John Clare and Roberto Bolano and to a painting at a museum in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, signs that Sinclair is artist enough to be comfortable with irresolution.
This is what the senior biology student studied during his internship with Cape Ann Whale Watch in Gloucester.
The project will include an outreach component that will target the 15 marinas and boatyards, five yacht clubs, and more than 1,200 mooring holders in Cape Ann.
Located in the Gulf of Maine about 80 miles from Portland and Cape Ann, Cashes Ledge rivals any earthbound landscape in beauty, biodiversity, and grandeur.
Additionally, the Institution for Savings will fund a charitable foundation in the amount of USD 2m for the benefit of not-for-profit organisations in the Cape Ann community.