Cape Breton

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Cape′ Bret′on

(ˈbrɪt n, ˈbrɛt n)
an island forming the NE part of Nova Scotia, in SE Canada. 42,969; 3970 sq. mi. (10,280 sq. km).
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This was a fortified city, on the island of Cape Breton, near Nova Scotia.
Comes from the in'ards of Cape Breton, he does, where the farmers speak home-made Scotch.
A Chinese firm has signed a deal to design and build a proposed container port in Cape Breton.
MacKay added, "What better place than here in Cape Breton, in proximity to the fields of France and Belgium, in places where they gave their lives in service of Canada.
Since being hired by the now-defunct Cape Breton District Health Authority last December, the former Ontariobased doctor had been waiting, without pay, to be licensed by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Nova Scotia.
As Stephen Hornsby explains, the economic history of Cape Breton up to the end of the 19th century was basically one of a long-established and largely foreign-owned and operated staple industry (fishing for cod) being replaced in later years by another staple industry, again characterized by foreign ownership and control: coal mining.
It is important to understand the hydrogeological characteristics of these approximately 1200 to 65 Ma old fault systems to aid in managing Cape Breton Island's fresh water resources.
Cape Breton is a palpable presence in the Fraser family's music.
But that doesn't mean she can't bring her Cape Breton Island music to this neck of the woods and have a good time.
Cecil Clarke, the mayor of Cape Breton Regional Municipality, said, "We are working hard to make our region the most business and development-friendly municipality in Atlantic Canada.
The announcement comes after CBRM recently agreed to purchase approximately 500 acres of greenfield waterfront land for the purpose of building a container terminal that will create jobs and lasting economic benefit for the community of Cape Breton.
The last operating coal mines closed in Cape Breton the 1990s and the Sydney Steel plant shut its doors in 2000.

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