Cape Verdean

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Cape Verde

Cape Verde

An island country of the Atlantic Ocean west of Senegal. The islands were settled by the Portuguese in the mid-15th century, became a colony in 1495 and an overseas province in 1951, and gained independence in 1975. Praia, on São Tiago Island, is the capital.

Cape Ver′de·an (vûr′dē-ən) adj. & n.

Cape Verdean

(Placename) of or relating to Cape Verde or its inhabitants
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Cape Verde
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The event was organised by Inhaba, a business development and knowledge-network venture founded by Nigerian Olugbenga Adesida and Cape Verdean Jose Brito.
The size and unique nature of our sample--with high rates of Cape Verdean participants, few Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American respondents, and other community-specific patterns--limit generalizability to other communities.
Jazz Lovely Difficult Mayra Andrade TO be a Cape Verdean singer is to have the great Cesaria Evora looking over one's shoulder from up in music heaven.
Kachupada is the latest studio album by Cape Verdean music artist Carmen Souza, along with band members on the piano, percussion, bongos, accordion, guitar, and saxophone.
The Cape Verdean team even shocked Tunisia on Tunisian soil, winning 2-0.
It was by means of a telephone conference, that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee sanctioned the Cape Verdean Football Association (FCF) for fielding an ineligible player in the match on September 7.
I'm writing this in the depths of a British winter and it would be ideal to keep the chill at bay but is just as perfect in the early morning heat with a cup of strong black coffee on a Cape Verdean cafe terrace.
He dedicates the revival to the Cape Verdean singer whose velvety voice propels it, the late Cesaria Evora.
Her band played lean, percussive syncopations tinged with samba, jazz or Cape Verdean funana; her voice, dusky and leisurely, glided over the bumpy rhythms with sultry aplomb, like a plush hovercraft.
Navy and Coast Guard conducted an African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership mission involving joint training, surveillance, and law enforcement operations to suppress illicit transnational maritime activity in and around Cape Verdean waters.
Several hundreds of Moroccan Jews had left for the archipelago in the 19th century to conduct trade activities before being assigned top positions in the Cape Verdean government.