Cape Verde Islands

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Noun1.Cape Verde Islands - a group of islands in the Atlantic off of the coast of Senegal
Cape Verde, Republic of Cape Verde - an island country in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal
Sao Tiago Island - largest of the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
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The Consul General highlighted the need to " p reserve the contribution that Cape Verdeans have in US history, especially consider to be, a duty of memory and reaffirms that our community has to be a visible community, have to give to know its history and it is necessary that this history be known respected, and somehow exalted.
Burkina Faso and Cape Verde have six points, Senegal five and South Africa four ahead of a match between the Cape Verdeans and Senegalese in Praia later Saturday.
It is important to recognize that when he begins Horse Money with a display of mostly black-and-white photographs by Jacob Riis of New York immigrant tenement dwellers in the late nineteenth century--the disconnected and somewhat awkward overture and prologue mirrors the heroic portraiture of Cape Verdeans at the start of Casa de Lava, for better and for worse--the tattered condition of the mournful photographs seems as relevant and even as essential to their expressiveness as the dilapidated people and places they depict.
Racially self-identified Cape Verdeans (15 percent) and racially self-identified Hispanic/Latina(o)s (5 percent) were the largest categories of mismatch.
The software of the whole e-government system, regarded by the World Bank as number one in West Africa and the envy of many other such systems in Africa, is developed and tested by Cape Verdeans at their headquarters, the Operational Information Society Nucleus or NOSi.
Before the Cape Verde flight began as a year-round option in 2003, Cape Verdeans in the U.
Sparse rain and few natural resources historically have induced Cape Verdeans to emigrate.
I believe it honors the hard work of all Cape Verdeans who, together, have brought the nation to where it stands today," Pires said in a statement distributed by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.
I believe it honours the hard work of all Cape Verdeans who, together, have brought the nation to where it stands today.
Fish products, being an important part of the diet of most Cape Verdeans, are also sold in all fishing communities along the coast, as well as in towns further inland.
First of all, we identified the more complex nature of the racial and social composition of the GB ruling political class; that it was not merely if a question of Cape Verdeans and Africans, but rather of Cape Verdeans, other mulattos, urban class Africans from the colonial period (assimilados), and rural or urban proletariat Africans.