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 (chä′pĕk′), Karel 1890-1938.
Czech writer noted for his science fiction, such as the play R.U.R. (1921), and his psychologically penetrating novels, including An Ordinary Life (1934).


(Czech ˈtʃapɛk)
(Biography) Karel (ˈkarɛl). 1890–1938, Czech dramatist and novelist; author of R.U.R. (1921), which introduced the word "robot", and (with his brother Josef) The Insect Play (1921)


(ˈtʃɑ pɛk)

Karel, 1890–1938, Czech playwright and novelist.
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Noun1.Capek - Czech writer who introduced the word `robot' into the English language (1890-1938)
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Contract award notice: financing investment projects editing interior layout of the building by karel capek in 1147 in jesenik (ipos) and parking under the building karel capek no.
It was first used by the Czech writer Karel Capek in a 1920 play called R.
If it weren't for Norma Comrada, most people in this country probably never would know about Karel Capek (pronounced Carl CHAH peck), and that would be a shame.
The enormous success momentarily elevated Karel Capek to the status of one of the best-known science-fiction writers and playwrights, although later his work became shunned and almost forgotten.
Capek, executive vice president of Abbott's medical devices business.
Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Capek, was first performed in Czechoslovakia.
Janacek's opera, first performed in 1926, is based on a Capek play that even the author admitted was all talk and little poetry, but the sharply personalised music transforms it into an intense, claustrophobic nightmare about life without meaning.
By contrast, in April Carsen delved into the psychological depths in The Makropulos Case, Janacek's penultimate opera based on the surreal tale of the Czech writerKarel Capek.
Mohammad's most recent surgery was performed by plastic surgeon Lucie Capek who, along with Ellis Medicine and Schenectady Anesthesia Associates in Schenectady, New York, donated her services for the fifth time.
Ken Capek, RRT, CHT, MPA is Director of Respiratory Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Englewood Medical Center in Englewood, NJ.
Among them were Czech painter and writer Josef Capek and Amsterdam diarist Anne Frank.