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n.1.The small olive-shaped berry of the European and Oriental caper, said to be used in pickles and as a condiment.
2.The currantlike fruit of the African and Arabian caper (Capparis sodado).
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The verse Dick is alluding to is this: "Also afraid of that which is high and terrors in the way, and the almond tree blossoms and the grasshopper drags itself along and the caperberry fails and because man goes to his eternal home and mourners circulate in the streets.
Lunch starters are cauliflower in white truffle oil, peppered mackerel, goats cheese bonbons and ham hock with caperberry terrine.
Abhijeet Saha, owner and chef, Caperberry and Fava restaurants, Bangalore
Brought together will be celebrated chefs such as Abhijit Saha from Caperberry, Italian restaurant Diva's Ritu Dalmia, Manu Chandra of Olive Bar & Kitchen and Vicky Ratnani who will share their art form along with international guest chefs -- Alain Fabregues from Australia, Jehangir Mehta from New York, Vivek Singh from London and Margot Janse from South Africa.
Saha owns and operates two critically acclaimed restaurants in Bangalore, Caperberry and Fava, and is founding director of bespoke catering outlet Avant Garde Hospitality.
Catch Chef Saurabh Arora from Caperberry next week cooking Mediterranean cuisine at his best.
ALIA Italian restaurants nationwide and, more recently, collaborated with greenhorn restauranter Shruti Shibulal to launch Caperberry, a Spanish-actually Tapas-Bar and Lounge.
At Chef Abhijit Saha's restaurant Caperberry, molecular gastronomy adds an unexpected twist.
Also the Seared Rare Tuna with Caperberry Relish and Pomegranate-Glazed Lamb Chops With Stuffed Grape Leaves and Tahini Sauce.
To serve: Un-mold kitfo onto plate and garnish with caperberry and lemon zest.
There is a choice of nine freshly prepared meals including the Oriental Feast, which includes smoked salmon and tiger prawn nigiri sushi, a fillet of char-grilled salmon, caperberry and wasabi and a sesame noodle salad on the side, or the Hail Caesar Salad with roast chicken, oven roasted peppers, black olives and croutons.
Apart from the traditional capote -- a must in the composition of tartar sauce -- Nathan Frost carries non-pareilles, which add a refreshing flavour to any salad, while from the flower of the plant comes the Caperberry -- a wonderful accompaniment to cocktails.