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A city of ancient Palestine on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee. It was Jesus's home for much of his ministry and the site of many events in the New Testament. A nearby elevation is said to have been the setting for the Sermon on the Mount.


(Placename) a ruined town in N Israel, on the NW shore of the Sea of Galilee: closely associated with Jesus Christ during his ministry


(kəˈpɜr neɪ əm, -ni-)

an ancient site in N Israel, on the Sea of Galilee: center of Jesus' ministry in Galilee.
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Dans mon parcours, j'ai eu plein de prix en Pologne (Capharnaum a eu le grand prix), en Allemagne, au Canada, en Egypte, et bien sur au Maroc (beaucoup de prix nationaux), dont le dernier en mars dernier a Rabat oE j'ai remporte le prix de meilleure actrice pour mon role a Capharnaum et Tarik Ribh, meilleurs costumes pour le meme spectacle qui, justement, a cree la polemique autour du nu ou non nu alors que cela voulait simplement dire que c'est un costume.
In the national spelling competition, 14-year-old Placerita Junior High School student David Pruden successfully spelled more than two dozen brain twisters, including: culottes, derogatory, precedent, immolate, basmati, lycanthropy, succussatory, nullipara, scopolamine, Erewhonian, Pierian, perciatelli, Capharnaum, oeillade, sprachgefuhl, madid and balneation.
In Flaubert's Herodias we read that Jacob, "having a sick daughter, went to Capharnaum, in order to beg the Master to heal her.