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In the situation where an investor is partially diversified, the investor will also require a return from the fisheries asset such that the portfolio return is equal to the return given by the capital market line, for the portfolio's degree of risk.
For instance, the Capital Market Line makes this simplification, although some authors go further into details whenever two rates are of necessity (on this subject, see Elton - Gruber (2006), chapter 5).
To create the efficient frontier and capital market line we need to compute some summary statistics.
Finally, multidimensional risk has an unavoidable impact on the fundamental concept of risk-free assets and their role in defining the capital market line corresponding to the dominant portfolio.
If there is also an investment alternative in a risk-free asset, the investor can attain a point on the capital market line (CML), which originates at [r.
In such a situation, the investors are imperfectly diversified, and the portfolios lie below the capital market line.
Investors have varying preferences with respect to return and risk because they choose portfolios on differing points of the capital market line.
the capital market line (47) is at a tangent to the upper branch of the hyperbola that corresponds to the efficient frontier of risky-asset-only portfolios.
In this newly established role, Neff will continue as the principal marketing executive for Gold in Florida and assumes additional responsibility for Gold's consumer banking, bankcards, residential lending, community reinvestment, private banking, trust and investment management and capital market lines of business.

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