n.1.A balsam of the Spanish West Indies. See Copaiba.
References in classic literature ?
said the Governor, coming out in his pyjamas, "we'll be giving you capivi in another three months, my friend.
I nonni sono morti, quando erano vivi parlavano dialetto con tutti nella famiglia anche se non li capivi.
The trade or traffic which the Indians of Guiana carry on with the Dutch consists chiefly in slaves, earthen jars, canoes, hammocks, baskets, Brazilwood, hiaree-roots, macaws, parrots, monkeys, balsam capivi, arracocerra, caraba or crab oil, and arnotta, for which they receive in return checquered cloth, fire-arms, gunpowder, hatchets, knives, scissars, different coloured beads, looking-glasses, fish-hooks, combs, needles, pins &c.
temettero capire 'to understand' (-ire class) Present Past Imperfect 1 psn sg capisco capii capivo 2 psn sg capisci capisti capivi 3 psn sg capisce capi capiva 1 psn pl capiamo capimmo capivamo (.
The results from Panel A indicate that the CAPIVI alpha of our 10 decile portfolios varies between -0.