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 (kä′pĭ-kō′lə, kăp′ĭ-)
Cured meat from the neck or shoulder of a pig, usually served in thin slices.

[Italian capocollo, capicollo : capo, head; see capo1 + collo, neck (from Latin collum); see kŭel- in Indo-European roots.]
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has added Hot Capocolla Rotola to its line of artisan, dry-cured meat products.
Volpi's Hot Capocolla Rotola is made with thinly sliced, roasted Capocolla ham and red pepper slices, then hand-rolled in whole milk mozzarella.
each thinly sliced Genoa salami and spicy Italian cold cuts, such as coppa, capocolla, or hot salami 3 oz.
Peel says that a variety of flavors and textures are important - items such as garbanzo beans, diced radicchio, Belgian endive (for contrast of flavors, colors), diced, firm ripe tomatoes (to avoid an overly juicy, messy and diluted salad), fresh soy beans, grilled corn kernels, diced red onion and julienned strips provolone, capocolla or salami - and some good Greek oregano dressing.
To appeal to the large Italian population, the store carries a host of imported cheeses, such as asiago and fontina, and meats, including capocolla, prosciutto and mortadella, says department manager Sherri Foster.
We start with fine artisan focaccia and ciabatta breads baked fresh daily, then add meats like our roast beef, capocolla, mortadella, or Sausalito turkey, just to name a few.
Available in eight varieties, pizzetti are topped with enticing and unusual ingredients like Sopressata sausage, capocolla, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and chipotle pesto as well as traditional favorites like pepperoni, mozzarella and green peppers.
They like their mortadella, capocolla and prosciuttini precisely sliced, their lasagna cheesy and their bread fresh-baked, and they want it with a smile.
Choices range from the Wise Guy--a concoction of capocolla, mortadella, hard salami, peppers, provolone and basil mayo--to the Yard Bird, built with roasted chicken, bacon, fresh apples, spinach, bleu cheese crumbles and honey mustard.