n. & v. t.1.Same as Capoch.
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His 'we-can-do-this' attitude was always on duty and display," says Lori Capouch of NDAREC.
Dan Capouch (Texas)--Child Protection and Organization Effectiveness
Capouch, Hibernia National Bank, New Orleans 7/28/93
HealthWorks stood out for its commitment to quality and its innovative approaches to providing care and working with clients to minimize workplace injuries and help employees recover and return to work quickly," said John Capouch, CEO of NorthWorks.
Lori Capouch, Susan Davis, Lee Egerstrom, Wally Goulet, Roger Herman, Julie Hogeland, Audrey Malan, William Nelson, Steve Noack, Bill Patrie and Judy Ziewacz
Fugate, Patterson (4), Skinner (5), Capouch (6) and Capouch, Skinner (6); Looney and Wyatt.
Brian Capouch, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department at Saint Joseph's College: Capouch has integrated Asterisk with a number of other processors including home automation, network monitoring, camera-based security, and the openWRT distribution of Linux.
Ivan Kohler, Owner and Head Geek, Freeside ISP Billing; Brian Capouch, Chair - Department of Computer Science, Saint Joseph's College; Doug Hass, Chief Operations Officer, ImageStream; and John Todd, CTO, VoIP Inc.
Estrella, Walker (6) and Faulhaber; Morris, Pedersen (7) and Capouch.
GLIDE - Jed Capouch had a home run and four RBIs for the Wildcats in the win over the Lions.
Jed Capouch homered in the fourth to give Glide a 2-0 lead, but Sutherlin answered with two in the bottom of the inning to tie it.
Lee, Webster (4) and Wyatt; Pedersen, Morris (7) and Capouch.