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 (kăp′rə), Frank 1897-1991.
Italian-born American filmmaker noted for such populist comedies as Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) and It's a Wonderful Life (1946).


(Biography) Frank. 1896–1992, US film director born in Italy. His films include It Happened One Night (1934), It's a Wonderful Life (1946), and several propaganda films during World War II


(ˈkæp rə)

Frank, 1897–1991, U.S. film director born in Italy.
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Noun1.Capra - United States film maker (1897-1991)Capra - United States film maker (1897-1991)
2.Capra - goats
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Bovidae, family Bovidae - true antelopes; cattle; oxen; sheep; goats
caprine animal, goat - any of numerous agile ruminants related to sheep but having a beard and straight horns
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The Frank Capra Achievement Award was established in 1980 to recognize an Assistant Director's or Unit Production Manager's career achievement in the Industry and service to the Guild.
It would be more memorable if he distilled Stewart's film experiences with directors such as Frank Capra, Anthony Mann, Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford into more specific, tangible recollections.
As in the play, Capra shot the closing scene where Horton, the Happy Dale director, has come for "Teddy Roosevelt," only to fall victim to the elderberry wine.
The man who would produce and direct "It's a Wonderful Life," Frank Capra, was - like many in the wake of Friday's mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.
Capra, who is making her main tour debut in New York, made the most of claiming a place in the tournament by winning an eight-woman USTA wild card play-off.
Capra created a series of seven orientation firms to help Soldiers understand the war.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- La Capra Associates, a leading energy consulting firm serving the North American electricity and natural gas industries, announced at the celebration of its 35th anniversary that it has changed its name.
Frank Capra took the most "direct" route into the war effort.
Capra was born in Sicily in 1897 and came to the U.
Ford and Capra had long been attracted to military service.
The earlier films of Capra (The Strong Man, American Madness) are also brilliantly compared to their later reworkings (It Happened One Night, Mr.
CAPRA accreditation is a five-year cycle that includes three phases: development of the agency self-assessment report, the on-site visitation, and the Commission s review and decision.