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Of or evocative of the movies of Frank Capra, often promoting the positive social effects of individual acts of courage.
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This act of fantasy film redemption results in the return of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and other Capraesque scenes of feel-good populism.
Nowhere as shabby as the ill-fated remake of "The Ladykillers" or the capraesque "The Hudsucker Proxy.
How Capraesque (as in Frank Capra, director of "It's a Wonderful Life") it all feels when the townspeople decide to go along with this as a harmless eccentricity.
He fit perfectly the Capraesque All-American Nice Guy and Defender of Democracy that Stone was looking for.
Five years later, he's got the James Stewart role in the Capraesque romantic comedy Danny Deckchair, and he's a bona-fide leading man.
Their habitual distaste for Benigni's slapstick is exacerbated by the film's popular success and by the feel-good, Capraesque humanism that oozes from nearly all favorable reviews.
Made in just ten days, it's a cheap, cheerful but finely acted and very funny comedy with a warm line in Capraesque social comment.
Perhaps a designation of the ``John Elway Stadium'' might work with Potter's Field, or that might be too Capraesque.
A film like It's a Wonderful Life illustrates the range of Stewart's acting skills as he moves effortlessly from youthful idealism through middle age anger and despair to attain, in a Capraesque manner, a kind of rebirth and salvation.
The Capraesque story chronicles the adventures of Thomas Reilly and his "unique family" in their search for second chances.
In "The Majestic," Darabont celebrates the Hollywood of yesterday with an every-day Capraesque hero in this salute to a bygone era that earned "Two Thumbs Up