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A pungent alkaloid, C18H27NO3, derived from certain capsicums that is a strong irritant to skin and mucous membranes and is used in some topical pain relievers and in pepper sprays.

[Alteration (perhaps influenced by Latin capsa, box) of earlier capsicin : capsic(um) + -in.]


(Biochemistry) a colourless crystalline bitter alkaloid found in capsicums and used as a flavouring in vinegar and pickles. Formula: C18H27O3N
[C19 capsicine, from capsicum + -ine2; modern form refashioned from Latin capsa box, case + -in]


(kæpˈseɪ ə sɪn)

a colorless, crystalline, bitter compound, C18H27NO3, present in capsicum.
[1885–90; earlier capsicine= capsic (um) + -ine2]
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Noun1.capsaicin - colorless pungent crystalline compound derived from capsicum; source of the hotness of hot peppers of the genus Capsicum such as chili and cayenne and jalapeno
capsicum, capsicum pepper plant, pepper - any of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers
chemical irritant - a substance producing irritation


n capsaicina
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The SHU scale measures spiciness based on the concentration of chemical compounds called capsaicinoids.
The infographic "Hotter Than the Sun" explains that the heat is caused by an oily substance called capsaicin, which consists of capsaicinoids.
We concluded that capsaicinoids were beneficial in improving a range of factors related to heart and blood vessel health," said Chen, a professor of food and nutritional science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Recent advances in the study on capsaicinoids and capsinoids.
Non-pungent capsaicinoids from sweet pepper synthesis and evaluation of the chemopreventive and anticancer potential.
The ghost chilli emerged from relative obscurity after the Chilli Pepper Institute, at New Mexico State University, grew dozens of plants, used liquid chromatography to assess the capsaicinoids, or heat, molecules and submitted its findings to Guinness World Records in 2006, which certified it as the world's hottest.
Utilizing a patented beadletting technology, OmniActive is able to deliver the scientifically validated health benefits of the active component of hot red peppers, capsaicinoids, while avoiding oral or gastric irritation.
ATHE substances that give chili peppers their intensity are capsaicin and several related chemicals, which are collectively called capsaicinoids.