Capsicum frutescens

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Noun1.Capsicum frutescens - plant bearing very hot medium-sized oblong red peppersCapsicum frutescens - plant bearing very hot medium-sized oblong red peppers; grown principally in the Gulf Coast states for production of hot sauce
red pepper, tabasco - very hot red peppers; usually long and thin; some very small
genus Capsicum, Capsicum - chiefly tropical perennial shrubby plants having many-seeded fruits: sweet and hot peppers
capsicum, capsicum pepper plant, pepper - any of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers
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Pimiento picante, Capsicum frutescens, es originario de America, donde se consumia desde Mexico hasta Chile y Argentina.
I'm known for a red sauce that was reportedly developed in the 1860s with Capsicum frutescens peppers.
Thirty-three different plant materials from various countries were used as test materials, 23 of which belonged to the Capsicum frutescens species, 4 of which belonged to Capsicum annum species, 2 of which belonged to Capsicum chinense, 1 of which belonged to Capsicum baccatum species, 2 of which belonged to Kahramanmaras population and 1 of which belonged to Capsicum sp.