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Noun1.Henry Morgan - a Welsh buccaneer who raided Spanish colonies in the West Indies for the English (1635-1688)Henry Morgan - a Welsh buccaneer who raided Spanish colonies in the West Indies for the English (1635-1688)
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It was thought that Henry could have been involved in smuggling during a period when pirate Captain Henry Morgan spent his early days on the smugglers's paradise of Sully Island A new sign depicting the old >practice of the Mari Lwyd was unveiled at the Old House Inn, Llangynwyd, Maesteg, in the 1970s.
It has a very long history, being originally a grange belonging to the monks of Aberconwy, and in 1575 was granted to the privateer Captain Morgan ap John ap David, for services against Queen Elizabeth''''s enemies (though an erroneous tradition, confusing the similar names, associates the building with the South Walian pirate Captain Henry Morgan who became Governor of Bathing belles: Do you remember the open air swimming pool which used to be behind the Rhos Fynach?
Among the most famous of the Welsh pirates, Captain Henry Morgan seized more than a million pieces-of-eight during the 17th century and led hundreds of plunderers in the Caribbean before becoming deputy governor of Jamaica.
USA Tommy Paradise, of Viera, a Forest Area Supervisor with the Florida Division of Forestry, stands on an Interstate 95 overpass as he keeps his eyes on a 10,000-acre brush fire burning in the Scottsmoor, area (AP Photo/Florida Today, Craig Rubadoux) PANAMA Two archaeologists recovering a cannon that scientists believe may have belonged to Welsh pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, at the mouth of the Rio Chagres off Colon, Panama.
It dates back to the 1680s when military strategist and buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan presided over Jamaica as governor.
We are here today on board PS [Pirate Ship] Radical Element, flagship of the pirate fleet led by Captain Henry Morgan and Captain Bartholomew Roberts, two of the scurviest scoundrels ever to sail the seven seas.
This summer, the team returned to Panama to excavate historic artifacts from the shipwreck in hopes of Captain Henry Morgan was one of the few men to survive the treacherous life on the high seas long enough to enjoy his successes.
SIR - It was interesting to read that divers have found the remains of the fleet of the famous Welsh buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan, which sunk off Panama in 1671 ("Captain Morgan's lost fleet discovered on ocean floor", Aug 16).
EXPERTS have returned deep underground to try to find out more about the lifestyle of the most famous pirate to come from South Wales - Captain Henry Morgan.
The real thing (clockwise from top left)Welsh pirates Howell Davis,Black Bart Roberts (BartiDdu)and Captain Henry Morgan, whose exploits led to him becoming governor of Jamaica; When Black Bart was killed, the English captain was knighted; Terry Breverton; Without Morgan Jamaica would have been lost to the Spanish; Terry Breverton; The piratical image exploited by Hollywood in stars such as Errol Flynn owes much to the exploits of freebooting Welsh captains and crews
The Welsh would prefer to drink with our criminal countrymen like the pirate Captain Henry Morgan and mobster Murray the Hump, alias Murray Humphries.
Captain Henry Morgan, left, whose ship Satisfaction is giving up its secrets to divers, right, off the coast of Panama * A 17th century chest, found near the Lajas Reef near Fort San Lorenzo, which most likely belonged to Captain Henry Morgan's lost fleet of 1671