Captain general

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The commander in chief of an army or armies, or of the militia.
The Spanish governor of Cuba and its dependent islands.

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The escort included Omby Amby, the Captain General of Ozma's army, which consisted merely of twenty-seven officers besides the Captain General.
Indeed, as they passed down the street, all the people cheered them lustily, and the Shaggy Man and the Wizard and the Captain General all took off their hats and bowed politely in acknowledgment.
Then, Omby Amby," said she, "I promote you to be Captain General of all the armies of my kingdom, and especially to be Commander of my Body Guard at the royal palace.
I had heard enough of Carlist headquarters to know that the man had been (very likely was still) Captain General of the Royal Bodyguard and was a person of great political (and domestic) influence at Court.
Such was the envelope and the voice of the fanatical soul belonging to the Grand-master of Ceremonies and Captain General of the Bodyguard at the Headquarters of the Legitimist Court, now detached on a special mission.
Prince Philip raises his hat in his role as Captain General, Royal Marines, at a parade to mark the finale of the 1664 Global Challenge on the Buckingham Palace Forecourt on August 2
Prince Philip raises his hat in his role as Captain General of the Royal Marines at a parade to mark the finale of the 1664 Global Challenge at Buckingham Palace
Such dire warnings seemed extreme to the Captain General of Cuba, who thought the Indians would be less dangerous once settled in the foreign environment of Havana.
Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Michael Wilkes, will officiate as some 150 soldiers from the regiment, whose Captain General is the Queen, receive the honour.
Although the Academy opened up, it was closed few days after by the colonial government because the Captain General considered that it spread thoughts in favour of the independence of Cuba.
The Black Bands fought for the King of France while Giovanni was still alive (he was captain general of infantry for the Holy League of Cognac), for Pope Clement VII (they were known as the "pope's devils") at Frisonone and in defense of Rome in 1527, and then for the Florentine Republic, taking part in the sieges of Naples (1528) and Florence (1529-30).
25, 1784, Sir Frederick Haldimand, the Captain General and Governor-in-Chief for Upper Canada, signed a deed for land in what would later become southern Ontario for the Five Nations.