n.1.A capoch or hood.
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and Frederic--thereby excluding sons-in-law Pietro Carlo Rossi, husband of Amelie, and Goffredo Capuccio, husband of Aglae.
The Rossis later cooperated with the Capuccio and Gherini families to overturn the will giving Arthur and Frederic control.
There is such deep mistrust these days between government managers and contractors that creating a Skunk Works-like environment would be a tall order, said Frank Capuccio, former executive vice president and general manager of Lockheed's advanced technology programs who served on the original F-117 team.
Leaders such as Kendall "have the desire to make changes," Capuccio said in an interview.
Dawson James Securities ("Dawson James") has expanded its existing investment banking, capital markets and research platform with the addition of Michael Vasinkevich, Mike King, Mark Viklund, Kira Sheinerman, Noam Rubinstein, Michael Mirsky, James Capuccio, Craig Schwabe and other former members of the Rodman & Renshaw team.
ADP Enterprise HRMS is truly a revolutionary product," said Steve Capuccio, Director of HRIS/Payroll for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts.
Lockheed Martin and our JSF teaming partners are using Metaphase to create a virtual design environment to enable the seamless sharing of product data among team members," said Frank Capuccio, vice president and program manager of Lockheed Martin's JSF program.
The new version is a fantastic product with the features and functions any HR department needs," said Stephen Capuccio, the company's HRMS Manager.