Car trouble

Car trouble 
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In the years since, I have often wondered what would happen to a Syrian family traveling somewhere in the US, who experienced car trouble but did not speak much English.
More than making up for the car trouble that canceled their Eugene Celebration performance last year, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside are doing two free shows on Saturday.
Huff pushed Tarquini hard at the start but his chances of a double victory were ended when he skidded into the gravel, eventually settling for sixth place, while Muller retired midway through the contest with car trouble.
NORTHBRIDGE - Two Uxbridge teens allegedly stole a pickup truck in Uxbridge about 2 yesterday morning, drove to Whitinsville, and then had some car trouble.
When he failed to arrive he sent a text to Ms McAuliffe, claiming he had car trouble.
With car trouble, they have to rely on maniacally cheerful Doug Greenhut (Donny Osmond) and his ultra-perky daughter Wendy to reach the interview in time.
Response to car trouble is quick, and she said, ''Because everybody seems to be careful in using them, I'm not worried.
The Pole had been in the top five in qualifying at every race until Silverstone - where car trouble prevented him from taking part in Q3 - and he could get into the front-row shake-up.
Believing that the grandmother had their license plate number, the two burglars also called the police; they fabricated a story about having car trouble and innocently stopping at the grandmother's house for help when the lady of the house pulled a gun on them.
Like an engine warning light that signals potential car trouble, QuietCare automatically sends online alerts to caregivers when atypical activity patterns occur.
But his fans met his apology blog with discontent, questioning whether car trouble was the real reason behind his non-appearance.
Doubters might want to check with the Auto Club, which was called when Hilton experienced car trouble.