Car mile

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1.(Railroads) A mile traveled by a single car, taken as a unit of computation, as in computing the average travel of each car of a system during a given period.
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The ICC-STB car mile statistics do indeed separate car miles between "'railroad-owned" and "railroad-leased" cars on the one hand and "private car line" cars on the other.
However, they broadcast a lookout for a car with the license plate "BIJAN" and the officers who later fired on Ghaisar picked up that car miles south of the original incident.
With 3 million miles of real-world driving, Waymo cars with Intel technology inside have already processed more self-driving car miles than any other autonomous fleet on U.
Treglown Court was the first office building in the UK to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating and the carbon saving measures incorporated have enabled the local office to save 37 tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to 133,000 car miles.
Roads were choked with traffic as fans headed to the show and I was left with no option but to abandon my car miles away and run to the venue.
During the month, 63,973kg of carbon emissions were saved and 29,311 car miles were taken off the roads as a result of the challenge.
uk, the highest income households can typically expect to save GBP329 annually because they cover a higher amount of car miles.
When we finally reached the concert after parking the car miles away from the venue, we found the sound system was bad.
During the term of the Power Purchase Agreement, KIPP DC's Douglass Campus will eliminate more than 6,664 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of planting more than 33,456 trees or taking more than 13,382,400 car miles off the road.
Our general hypothesis is that a reduction in auto demand and car miles will result in a reduction of C[O.
Crash your car miles from nowhere on Nevada's Route 375, aka Extraterrestrial Highway, after a series of strange events have led to airplane crashes and highway closures, and what do you expect?
Sarah Butler-Sloss, Founder Director of Ashden added: "liftshare's achievements are very impressive: with 1 in every 100 cars in the UK registered on the liftshare network a huge number of car miles are being saved, resulting in phenomenal carbon savings.