Car mile

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1.(Railroads) A mile traveled by a single car, taken as a unit of computation, as in computing the average travel of each car of a system during a given period.
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The ICC-STB car mile statistics do indeed separate car miles between "'railroad-owned" and "railroad-leased" cars on the one hand and "private car line" cars on the other.
During the month, 63,973kg of carbon emissions were saved and 29,311 car miles were taken off the roads as a result of the challenge.
1] That's equivalent to 14,000,000 car miles not driven, the power to run 540 homes for a year, or the CO2 benefit of 4,000 acres of US forests.
When we finally reached the concert after parking the car miles away from the venue, we found the sound system was bad.
I decided to do a U-turn like I'd done there before and I saw this white car miles away in the distance.
You see, parking charges have got to the point where it's actually cheaper to leave the car miles outside the city centre and then just walk in.
The first time I went, I left the car miles away from the centre because I didn't want anyone to know what I was doing.
5 million car miles off the region's roads every year.
The club, which has cars available in Birmingham, helps cut down carbon emissions by reducing the total number of vehicles on the road as well as reducing car miles, as members are often more likely think about their car usage.
The club enables users to get access to a car only when they really need one - cutting down on carbon emissions by reducing the number of cars on the road and it also reduces car miles because club members think more of about their car usage and cut out unnecessary journeys.
Research has found residents use their cars less - saving 12m car miles a year.
Rising fuel costs headed the list of reasons for a reduction in company car miles driven, with 95.