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Its customers include facility management companies, construction and real estate companies, banks and insurance companies, utilities and energy traders, healthcare companies, car spare part dealers and waste management companies.
Specifically, she said, the fines imposed relate to violations of the law on car spare part purchases, subscription TV, and abuse of market dominance on under-water cables, and parking spaces at airports.
Tomorrow: Britain's biggest indoor autojumble and automart returns to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, attracting classic car enthusiasts and car spare part seekers from all over the country.
The defendants ninth till 12th are members of car spare part committee in the Mechanical Equipment Department.
The pair had fought over a payment of e1/4540 made to Spirou from Georgiou for a car spare part.
You must have heard of this recent one: A Saudi took a photocopy of the cheque his friend had paid for a car spare part.
It is thought the pair had rowed over a car spare part Georgiou had paid Spirou, a mechanic, e1/4540 for and which Spirou had failed to deliver.
According to Irodotou, Andreas Spirou , 21, from Pallouriotissa had confessed to killing Georgiou on October 23, 2009 in the Industrial Area of Dhali because the pair had fought over a payment of e1/4540 made to Spirou from Georgiou for a car spare part.
An association whose members include representatives of SMEs, insurers, consumers, car experts and car spare part manufacturers in Europe.
In a statement to Jordan News Agency, Petra, he said the private sector is willing to benefit from the Brazilian market and its diverse products including foodstuffs, meat, poultry, car spare parts and heavy industries.
A customer in Abu Dhabi is accused of brutally beating up a metal scrap dealer and breaking his jaw when the latter tried to stop him from stealing old car spare parts from his store at night.
The Indian nationals were in the labour accommodation which was part of the property owned by Mohamed Mahmood Alkooheji Trading and used to store car spare parts and tyres.