car wash

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car wash

1. A place or business equipped for washing cars and other motor vehicles.
2. The act or an instance of washing a car, especially at a car wash: filled up the gas tank and then got a car wash.

car′ wash`

or car′wash`,

a place or structure having special equipment for washing automobiles.
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With existing stores in San Antonio, Texarkana and surrounding areas, car washing in the Texas climate is no new adventure for the company.
Our mobile car washing solution is a unique addition for Dubai.
Completely automated and modernized, the high caliber and naturally comfortable car washing framework utilizes delicate material and filtered, reused water.
Fully automated and computerized, the high-quality and environmentally-friendly car washing system uses soft cloth and filtered, recycled water.
The oil used in car washing should be stored in places with non-absorption floors whereas metal nets need to be used to prevent water from pooling on the floor.
The Company has two main products: the TEP-AUTOcar wash machine and the Autobase car washing machine.
As a public relations and marketing consultant, Weiss has been working with the professional car wash industry for nearly nine years, as well as teaching car washers the charitable and environmental benefits of charity car washing across a 12-state area for the Western Carwash Association and across the nation at professional car wash trade shows.
Car washing market currently focused on environmentally friendly and professional car cleaning activities
European car wash sector is one which is dominated by service station retailers, however, other players are active in the market and in certain countries commercial hand car washing operations are increasing in importance.
It also attaches a value to the paid hand car washing segment which has become increasingly important in selected markets.
Known also as the Carwash Worker Law under Labor Code Sections 2050-2067, the law protects the well being of employees in the car washing and polishing industry.
Motorists were surveyed regarding their car washing behaviour, preferences and service satisfaction.