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 (kăr′ə-kăl′ə) Originally Marcus Aurelius Antonius. ad 188-217.
Emperor of Rome (211-217). He is known for arranging the murder of his brother, Geta, and for extending Roman citizenship to all free inhabitants of the empire. He was assassinated during a campaign against Parthia.


(Biography) real name Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, original name Bassianus. 188–217 ad, Roman emperor (211–17): ruled with cruelty and extravagance; assassinated


(ˌkær əˈkæl ə)

(Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Bassianus) A.D. 188–217, Roman emperor 211–217.
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It seems to me sufficient to take all those emperors who succeeded to the empire from Marcus the philosopher down to Maximinus; they were Marcus and his son Commodus, Pertinax, Julian, Severus and his son Antoninus Caracalla, Macrinus, Heliogabalus, Alexander, and Maximinus.
Turning now to the opposite characters of Commodus, Severus, Antoninus Caracalla, and Maximinus, you will find them all cruel and rapacious-- men who, to satisfy their soldiers, did not hesitate to commit every kind of iniquity against the people; and all, except Severus, came to a bad end; but in Severus there was so much valour that, keeping the soldiers friendly, although the people were oppressed by him, he reigned successfully; for his valour made him so much admired in the sight of the soldiers and people that the latter were kept in a way astonished and awed and the former respectful and satisfied.
Because it would have been useless and dangerous for Pertinax and Alexander, being new princes, to imitate Marcus, who was heir to the principality; and likewise it would have been utterly destructive to Caracalla, Commodus, and Maximinus to have imitated Severus, they not having sufficient valour to enable them to tread in his footsteps.
Hence it comes likewise, that princes many times make themselves desires, and set their hearts upon toys; sometimes upon a building; sometimes upon erecting of an order; sometimes upon the advancing of a person; sometimes upon obtaining excellency in some art, or feat of the hand; as Nero for playing on the harp, Domitian for certainty of the hand with the arrow, Commodus for playing at fence, Caracalla for driving chariots, and the like.
Charlotte, unselfish in the Forum, would have tried a sweeter temper than Lucy's, and once, in the Baths of Caracalla, they had doubted whether they could continue their tour.
John Lateran, the Campagna, the Appian Way, the Seven Hills, the Baths of Caracalla, the Claudian Aqueduct, the Cloaca Maxima--the eternal bore designed the Eternal City, and unless all men and books do lie, he painted every thing in it
A short time before they reached the Baths of Caracalla the carriage stopped, Peppino opened the door, and the count and Franz alighted.
He has also composed in numerous international orchestras as well, including the Royal Opera House in Oman, the Caracalla Dance Theatre and the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra.
Caracalla briefed the President on the band's future activities outside Lebanon.
Recognised as the leading dance company in the Middle East, Caracalla has toured widely, particularly in North America and Europe.
Founded by Baalbek-born Abdel Halim Caracalla in 1970, the Beirut-based Caracalla Dance Theater has long been known for merging Arab and Western technique.
But at the heart of the Diva collection is its signature shape, inspired by the Roman Baths of Caracalla.