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Noun1.Carbondale - a town in southern Illinois
IL, Illinois, Land of Lincoln, Prairie State - a midwestern state in north-central United States
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I was born in Carbondale, Illinois, but that doesn't matter--I'm an English countess, doing barefoot dancing to work off the mortgage on the ancestral castle, and they eat me.
Woodbridge Realty of Colorado is the premier real estate company at The Aspen Glen Club, a private club in Carbondale, which features a full golf course, tennis courts, a swimming pool and a spa/fitness center.
We're very excited to announce this expansion in Carbondale and increase our investment in the community," said Larry Mieldezis, CRO at Liaison Technologies.
April's Nurse of the Month winner is Cindy Cordoro, RN, an L&D nurse at Memorial Hospital Carbondale.
Ruiz is an associate professor of Avation Management and Flight at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, Ill.
Downtown Carbondale consists of only several blocks, but those blocks are full of community involvement, Young says.
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale suspects that its next class of incoming freshmen will make an extra effort to complete their coursework "on time.
Stonecipher, longtime NCEW member and professor emeritus of journalism at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, died on December 26, 2004, in Carbondale.
Howard Rambsy His a scholar and writer who lives in Carbondale, Illinois.
Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois UP, 2000.
State officials in Illinois recently reported that governor Rod Blagojevich has announced an economic plan for the Southern Illinois region that would include the issuance of $18 million in tax-free bonds to help defray the costs associated with a proposed project near Carbondale comprising the development of a new ethanol plant, as well as separate biodiesel and biomass facilities.
Box 3697, 1915 University Press Drive, Carbondale, IL 62902-3697.