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The structure-activity trends of rhinacanthin-C,-D and-N on the inhibition of TNF-[alpha] release are as follow; substitution with octadienoic acid (rhinacanthin-C) conferred much higher activity than that of benzodioxo carboxylic acid ester (rhinacanthin-D) as well as naphthalene carboxylic acid ester (rhinacanthin-N).
A vulcanizable rubber composition comprising a nitrile group containing highly saturated copolymer rubber, an ultrafine magnesium silicate powder; said nitrile group containing highly saturated copolymer rubber being obtained by hydrogenating the conjugated diene part of an unsaturated nitrile-conjugated diene-unsaturated carboxylic acid ester copolymer.
The binder layer comprises by weight: 5-30% of a copolymer based on ethylene and one or more comonomers chosen from the group consisting of carboxylic acid esters, vinyl esters and dienes; 40-93% of a stretchable polypropylene, stretchability being defined as the ability of a rod extruded at a temperature of between 190[degrees] C.