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drive shaft

also drive·shaft (drīv′shăft′)
A rotating shaft that transmits mechanical power from a motor or an engine to a point or region of application.
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Noun1.driveshaft - a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application
drive line, drive line system - mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle
rotating shaft, shaft - a revolving rod that transmits power or motion
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Limited Tenders are invited for 3 Items Of Cardan Shaft.
six-head moulder from Akhurst Machinery features a full cardan shaft drive to feedworks, with an individual worm reduction gear box to each feed roll station and a 5-hp variable speed drive which feeds 20 to 82 fpm.
TU/TS0075 Issue 3, Revision A - Cardan shaft Overhaul