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n.1.(Bot.) Fiorin.
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Anatomical, palynological and micromorphological study of seed, trichome and stomata of Cardaria draba L.
In the same category, but somewhat more localised and peri-anthropic in their distribution, are the annuals Asperugo procumbens, Cardaria draba, Galium spp.
on Rumex crispus, Tehran, 23 October 2004; Aphis umbrella Borner on Malva sylvestris, Ahwaz, 7 March 2004; Lipaphis lepidii Nevsky on Cardaria draba, Karaj, 3 May 2003.
Comunidad de Cardaria draba - Convolvulus arvensis (*) 5.
Noxious Downy brome Bromus tectorum Invasive Field bindweed Convolvulus arvensis Noxious Field sowthistle Sonchus arvensis Noxious Garlic mustard Alliaria petiolate Invasive Hoary cress, whitetop Cardaria draba Noxious Japanese honeysuckle Lonicera japonica Invasive Japanese knotweed Polygonum cuspidata Invasive Johnsongrass Sorghum halepense Noxious Kudzu Pueraria montana Invasive var.
The site, approximately 10 ha in are, consists of very dense stands of two weedy cruciferous ho plants (Lepidium perfoliatum and Cardaria vulgaris), surrounded by regions of dry sagebrush scrub, and supports dense adult populations (500-5000 adults) of P.
Hordeum murinum, Cardaria draba y Convolvulus arvensis denotan con su desarrollo una mayor disponibilidad de agua.
The approximately 10 ha site consists of very dense stands of two weedy cruciferous host plants (Lepidium perfoliatum and Cardaria vulgaris) surrounded by regions of dry sagebrush scrub and supports dense adult populations (500-5000 adults) of P.
D2 Erga T Especies de estatus aloctono dudoso (Categoria E): 16 taxones 392 Cardaria draba (L.
Mojab and Zamany studied the inhibitory effects of drought and salinity stresses on cardaria draba, which is a weed plant, and found that the seeds might absorb a part of sodium and chlorine ions in saline solution and keep their osmotic potential lower than the solution and thus water uptake continued in negative potential.
Allelopathic potential of Cardaria draba, Brassica deflexa and Brassica napus on germination and seedling growth of Mathiola incana and Amaranthus caudatdus, Pajouhesh and Sazandegi J.