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 (kär′dn-äs′, -dĕ-näs′)
A city of northern Cuba on the Bay of Cárdenas, an inlet of the Straits of Florida. Cárdenas is a processing and shipping center.


(Spanish ˈkarðenas)
(Biography) Lázaro (ˈlaθaro). 1895–1970, Mexican statesman and general; president of Mexico (1934–40)


(ˈkɑr dnˌɑs)

a seaport in NW Cuba. 59,501.
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Cardenas also was not provided a lawyer until 11 days after his arrest, and his representatives claim evidence against him is faulty and his confession was coerced.
6 October 2017 - California, US-based Hispanic supermarket chain Cardenas Markets has acquired seven operating locations of Phoenix, US-based of supermarket network Los Altos Ranch Market to expand into the Arizona, US market, the company said.
Set in Lima during the dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), the plot of Cinco esquinas is twofold: the odd-numbered chapters tell the story of Enrique Cardenas, a wealthy entrepreneur who belongs to the Peruvian elite, while the even-numbered ones focus on the story of Rolando Garro, the unscrupulous editor of the weekly tabloid Destapes, from which a mischievous blend of political power and yellow journalism emerges in the narrative.
Dennis Cardenas was apprehended in one operation while civilians Lenelito Liporada and Roel Fumar were nabbed in another, which also led to the recovery of 13 unlicensed guns.
Cuando esas companias se dan cuenta que van a perder todo y que deben llegar a un acuerdo con el gobierno mexicano, le piden una cita al presidente Lazaro Cardenas.
The $118 million Capitol Credit Union appointed Pierre Cardenas as its new president/CEO, the Austin, Texas-based cooperative said in a prepared statement Wednesday.
MEXICO CITY, Safar 4, 1436, Nov 26, 2014, SPA -- Mexico's left faces huge problems following the resignation of former presidential candidate Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, a pillar of progressive politics and son of the revered president who nationalized the oil industry, AP reported.
Lopez is on his way as he defended his age-group title by serving up an impressive 25-0 win over Washington Cardenas in the final.
Mario Cardenas, MD, 85 of Princeton, died Wednesday, July 8, 2009, at his residence.
The industrial and transport hub that supported the city of Cardenas for decades now seems to be in ruins, while only a few miles to the west surge the relatively new industries of petroleum and tourism.
But for the past two months, Controller Laura Chick and Councilman Tony Cardenas have battled over the best way to reform the system.