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 (kär′dn-äs′, -dĕ-näs′)
A city of northern Cuba on the Bay of Cárdenas, an inlet of the Straits of Florida. Cárdenas is a processing and shipping center.


(Spanish ˈkarðenas)
(Biography) Lázaro (ˈlaθaro). 1895–1970, Mexican statesman and general; president of Mexico (1934–40)


(ˈkɑr dnˌɑs)

a seaport in NW Cuba. 59,501.
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I've been privileged to work with some of the nation's best broadcasters and TV journalists during my time in Indianapolis and Columbus," said Cardenas.
In a tensely awaited confrontation over the future of Los Angeles' anti- gang programs, City Controller Laura Chick and Councilman Tony Cardenas butted heads Friday over her proposals to revamp the city structure and move the programs under the authority of the Mayor's Office.
Lorena Cardenas as Independent Member of its Board of Directors.
The $118 million Capitol Credit Union appointed Pierre Cardenas as its new president/CEO, the Austin, Texas-based cooperative said in a prepared statement Wednesday.
MEXICO CITY, Safar 4, 1436, Nov 26, 2014, SPA -- Mexico's left faces huge problems following the resignation of former presidential candidate Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, a pillar of progressive politics and son of the revered president who nationalized the oil industry, AP reported.
Populism in twentieth century Mexico; the presidencies of Lazaro Cardenas and Luis Echeverria.
Mario Cardenas, MD, 85 of Princeton, died Wednesday, July 8, 2009, at his residence.
The industrial and transport hub that supported the city of Cardenas for decades now seems to be in ruins, while only a few miles to the west surge the relatively new industries of petroleum and tourism.
But for the past two months, Controller Laura Chick and Councilman Tony Cardenas have battled over the best way to reform the system.
TWO FBI officers are caught on an onlooker's camera repeatedly punching William Cardenas in the face and kneeling on his neck.
In the more dangerous steel industry, the drive for autonomous unions developed early and continued throughout the years in question, consolidating gains during the presidency of Lazaro Cardenas (1934-1940).
While some Hispanic reformers "want to emphasize immigrants' participation in the 'American dream'," Cardenas and the MSN cadres say they "see this as an important moment in the anti-capitalist struggle for worker rights and emphasize the 'reserve army' role that most migrant workers assume within the neo-liberal capitalist system.