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The capital and largest city of Wales, in the southeast part on Bristol Channel. A prosperous coal-shipping port in the 1800s and early 1900s, it is now an educational and industrial center.


1. (Placename) the capital of Wales, situated in the southeast, in Cardiff county borough: formerly an important port; seat of the Welsh assembly (1999); university (1883). Pop: 346 100 (2011)
2. (Placename) a county borough in SE Wales, created in 1996 from part of South Glamorgan. Pop: 345 400 (2011 est). Area: 139 sq km (54 sq miles)
Welsh name: Caerdydd


(ˈkɑr dɪf)

a seaport in South Glamorgan, in SE Wales. 300,000.
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Noun1.Cardiff - the capital and largest city of Wales
Cambria, Cymru, Wales - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; during Roman times the region was known as Cambria
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The C Davies in the team was indeed Clifton Davies, later of Cardiff, Wales and British Lions fame, while the S Davies was Sedley Davies, who played in Victory internationals before leading Maesteg in 1945-46 and was a member of their Invincibles of 1949-50.
The papers of this proceedings were first presented at the Second International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services, and Technologies, held in September 2008 in Cardiff, Wales.
Canadian carrier Zoom Airlines is to expand its transatlantic service between Canada and Cardiff, Wales.
Liverpool wins Shield: John-Arne Riise and Peter Crouch scored as Liverpool outclassed Chelsea 2-1 in the FA Community Shield -- the traditional start to the English season -- at Cardiff, Wales.
1st International Conference on the Impact of Environmental Factors on Health, Cardiff, Wales.
Medical Technology Facility to Create 150 jobs in Cardiff, Wales
World Cup starter Eddie Lewis -- in the second-tier Football League Championship's playoff final in Cardiff, Wales.
The former Cardiff, Wales and British Lions scrum-half announced his Arms Park arrival at a press conference today alongside his former team-mate and Blues Director of Rugby David Young.
But in 1985, British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle and other critics based at University College in Cardiff, Wales, claimed that a limestone paste was probably used to create the image of feathers around a genuine reptilian skeleton.

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