Cardinal Bellarmine

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Noun1.Cardinal Bellarmine - Italian cardinal and theologian (1542-1621)
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Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, acting on behalf of the Holy Office, privately warned Galileo not to teach the Copernican view as having been established, and Galileo apparently agreed to comply.
I also naively assume that there is a Catholic consensus over the fact that Galileo had reneged on a deal he had struck with Cardinal Bellarmine regarding a theory that would not be taught as fact until more evidence had been collected.
28) But before the release of this decree Pope Paul V instructed Cardinal Bellarmine to meet with Galileo to the make the Church's case clear.
It was meant to represent Cardinal Bellarmine, one of the Roman Catholic leaders of the counter-Reformation who may have been seen as a bogeyman in Protestant England and Germany.
7) The first trial in 1615 focused primarily on the scientific, philosophical, and theological issues concerning Copernicanism while the second trial was concerned primarily with whether Galileo had violated the terms of the agreement negotiated by Cardinal Bellarmine, who unfortunately died years before the second trial.
One such Huguenot, Pierre de Moulin, James wished to conscript in his pamphleteering against the likes of Cardinal Bellarmine.