Cardinal bird

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(Zool.) an American song bird (Cardinalis cardinalis, or Cardinalis Virginianus), of the family Fringillidæ, or finches of which the male has a bright red plumage, and both sexes have a high, pointed crest on its head; - it is also called the northern cardinal or eastern cardinal. The males have loud and musical notes resembling those of a fife. Other related species are also called cardinal birds.

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In the cardinal bird motif of the wrought iron work that holds entryway lamps and planters.
Told as a cardinal bird legend, because the cardinals were the first band of birds bringing the red ribbon of the rainbow, "A Rainbow of Birds" appeals to children's sense of immediate magic and discovery of the beauty in nature.
A heartfelt hug, a warm smile, the flash of a red Cardinal bird, these are ephemeral moments that touch us, sometimes briefly, sometimes profoundly, often not acknowledged as the treasures they are.
In the central garden, red cardinal birds fly among the maturing magnolias, silver birches and catsura trees that Noguchi planted to shade his abstract stone sculptures.
I sat on one of the many tree stumps gnawed down by beavers and watched the crimson cardinal birds in the bleached branches of the sycamore trees while high overhead a huge woodpecker bored holes in the trunk of a big conifer.
feathers and cigarette butts and roses and orchids and flamingo birds and cardinal birds and blue birds and blue .
I walked with her day after day alongside the frozen Chesapeake canal, through the bleached sycamores where crimson cardinal birds flew from branch to branch.