v. t.1.To exalt to the office of a cardinal.
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Finally, although the theoretical elaboration of "objective happiness" uses an "observer" to make time-tradeoff judgments so as to cardinalize hedonic utilities, the "observer" is not to be found in Kahneman's empirical studies, and even the theoretical elaboration fails to allow for heterogeneity in observer judgments/preferences.
In order to cardinalize momentary utilities, Kahneman introduces an "observer.
In his empirical implementation of the "objective happiness" approach, Kahneman has not actually surveyed an observer or observers to rank hedonic profiles and thereby cardinalize hedonic utilities.
111) The idea, in economists' terms, is to cardinalize A's and B's preferences so that A's gain from the project can be compared with B's loss.
We cardinalize the Jevons user cost sub-index by setting the initial value of the sub-index equal to the geometric mean of the user costs during the initial period.
These processes allow legislators to cardinalize preferences, even when preferences are multi-peaked.