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An injectable drug containing an isotope of the radioactive element technetium, used in nuclear medicine imaging primarily to visualize the heart muscle, parathyroid glands, and breast tissue.

[sesta-, perhaps alteration (influenced by Latin sex, six) of hexakis-, prefix indicating six in chemical names (from the six ligands bound to its central technetium ion ) + m(ethoxy)i(so)b(utyl)i(sonitrile).]
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In February 2012, Lantheus entered into a manufacturing and supply agreement with JHS for DEFINITY, as well as the manufacture and supply of Cardiolite and Neurolite, which are also manufactured by Ben Venue.
The patient received a Cardiolite (technetium Tc99m sestamibi) exam that was negative for ischemia, but showed an area of increased activity in the left breast.
During that time, I talked my way into three stress tests, more than a dozen different blood work-ups; a Cardiolite scan in which they injected a radioactive isotope into my blood stream and then did a magnetic imaging of my heart and arteries; and finally, the Cadillac of cardiac diagnostic tests--an angiogram.
A cardiolite stress test and an abnormal electrocardiogram suggested that an area of the patient's heart was not getting enough blood.
Title: Cardiolite Predict It, or Image It Campaign Agency: The Hal Lewis Group, Inc.
Among her successes: a bladder cancer detection product for Matritech, a hip replacement compound for Zimmer and a Bristol-Myers Squibb medical imaging product called Cardiolite, which has generated more than $20 million in royalties for joint sponsors MIT and Harvard.
Due to a strong family history of sudden cardiac death, an exercise Cardiolite stress test was performed which revealed high-risk myocardial perfusion scan.
As a distributor of Bristol-Myers Squibb's Cardiolite, Syncor has been working to reduce its dependence on this radiopharmaceutical blockbuster.
With this acquisition, Bristol-Myers Squibb gains several important in-line products, including Sustiva [TM] (efavirenz), the leading non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor for the treatment of HIV/AIDS; Coumadin [R] (warfarin sodium tablets, USP), a widely used oral blood anticoagulant; and Cardiolite [R], a leading cardiovascular medical imaging agent.
Tc 99m sestamibi, marketed under the name Cardiolite (DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, Del), readily collects in viable myocardial cells.
Syncor will increase the price of both unit dose and bulk Cardiolite and Miraluma (sestamibi).
sestamibi, CardioLite, Lantheus Medical Imaging, North Billerica, MA; and, tetrofosmin, Myoview, GE Healthcare, Chalfont St.