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Caret Pension was now only available to those caring for a pensioner whose 'physical, intellectual or psychiatric' disability meant they required either frequent attention in relation to their bodily functions, or constant supervision to prevent them from injuring themselves or others (FACSIA 2006a: 91).
Some fifty-four sets have, in addition, the seeming caret in the middle of the line.
Whaanga said she earned $8 an hour when she first began working as a caret.
Although two other people, Gordon Murray and Caret Moisiewitsch, have come forward to say they acted alone in creating and publishing a satirical edition of the Vancouver sun, Canwest continues to pursue Mordecai Briemberg in its strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP).
Pendants are available in plastic, silver tone, 18 caret gold-plated, sterling silver, and 9 or 14 caret gold versions.
She also flaunted 17 caret diamonds from De Beers with a six figure price tag.
CARET selects and reviews research studies that address critical questions facing teachers, educational administrators and policymakers.
Since the 1940s, Caret has practiced the profession of journalism.
On its west are offices and the four group-rooms which serve as the children's second homes, each run by a separate caret.
And with more and more money going to tax cuts, state governments caret afford to be as activist, no matter what their intentions.
Another study, called CARET, tested a combination of beta carotene and vitamin A in 18,314 smokers and workers exposed to asbestos.