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(Plants) a less common name for sedge1
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Noun1.carex - large genus of plants found in damp woodlands and bogs and ditches or at water margins: sedgesCarex - large genus of plants found in damp woodlands and bogs and ditches or at water margins: sedges
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Cyperaceae, family Cyperaceae, sedge family - bulrush; chufa; cotton grass; papyrus; umbrella plant
Carex arenaria, sand reed, sand sedge - European maritime sedge naturalized along Atlantic coast of United States; rootstock has properties of sarsaparilla
Carex pseudocyperus, cypress sedge - tufted sedge of temperate regions; nearly cosmopolitan
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Some species (Taxus baccata, Carex stenophylla, Bry um knowltonii, Dicranum congestum, Fontinalis squamosa, Hygrohypnum molle, Meesia longiseta, and Neckera crispa) are included in the lists of Lithuanian flora only referring to J.
Try Carex pendula and Luzula sylvatica "Taggart's Cream".
Rubbermaid also has acquired the assets of Carex Heath Care Products, a division of Acorn Development Companies, for an undisclosed amount of cash.
Carex Health Brands, a global leader in the development, manufacturing and retailing of in-home health products for more than two decades, has revamped its website.
Carex lupuliformis (hop-like caric-sedge) ocurs from Quebec, south to Florida and west to Texas, though it is always rare within its range (Jones & Hatch 1990).
The largest genera were Carex (9l species) Aster (22 species) Polygonum (l9 species) and Salix (15 species).
For water gardens or damp areas, there is a whole selection of low growing grasses in a range of colors from whites, yellows and oranges, through reds, browns and greens - all to be found in the carex family.
Matthew McElduff was named department manager of Carex Healthcare Products.
The second symposium, "Evolution in the genus Carex and tribe Cariceae: New ideas from new phylogenies," organized by Matthias Hendrichs, Julian R.
We've teamed up with Carex and Libra Holidays to offer one family seven nights' B&B at the five-star Coral Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus.
The herbaceous plants in this community include Carex spp.