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1. (Biography) George (Leonard). born 1935, Archbishop of Canterbury (1991–2002)
2. (Biography) Peter. born 1943, Australian novelist and writer; his novels include Illywhacker (1985), Oscar and Lucinda (1988), and True History of the Kelly Gang (2001)
3. (Biography) William. 1761–1834, British orientalist and pioneer Baptist missionary in India


(ˈkɛər i, ˈkær i)

George, born 1935, English clergyman: archbishop of Canterbury since 1991.
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Carey had died in--it was in a dreary, respectable street between Notting Hill Gate and High Street, Kensington--Emma led Philip into the drawing-room.
Carey stood up slowly and shook hands with the little boy.
Carey took the boy on his knee and put his arm round him.
Carey had called the day before on the family solicitor.
Lady Carey, who was sitting at the next table with her back to them, joined in the applause so heartily that a tiny gold pencil attached to her bracelet became detached and rolled unobserved to Mr.
As yet I have done nothing except form a very uncomfortable third at a luncheon and tea party, and listen to a good deal of enigmatic conversation between you and the charming Lady Carey.
Lady Carey, pale and bored, with tired, swollen eyes - they were always a little prominent - rose languidly and began to gather together her belongings.
I have the honour, Lady Carey," he said, "of recalling myself to your recollection.
Close on the heels of these two famous cases came the tragedy of Woodman's Lee, and the very obscure circumstances which surrounded the death of Captain Peter Carey.
I have a few dates here which will give you the career of the dead man, Captain Peter Carey.
Holmes, you would go far before you found a more dangerous man than Peter Carey, and I have heard that he bore the same character when he commanded his ship.
He swears that the shadow of a man's head turned sideways was clearly visible on the blind, and that this shadow was certainly not that of Peter Carey, whom he knew well.