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1. (Biography) George (Leonard). born 1935, Archbishop of Canterbury (1991–2002)
2. (Biography) Peter. born 1943, Australian novelist and writer; his novels include Illywhacker (1985), Oscar and Lucinda (1988), and True History of the Kelly Gang (2001)
3. (Biography) William. 1761–1834, British orientalist and pioneer Baptist missionary in India


(ˈkɛər i, ˈkær i)

George, born 1935, English clergyman: archbishop of Canterbury since 1991.
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Maureen Tims, Ruth Carey, Peter Hooper and Tony Thurlbeck became Valley's only losing rink with an eight-shot defeat of 24-16 against Mary Entwistle, Maureen Edwards, Gary Tubb and Brian Lever.
After losing DJ Carey, Peter Barry and John Hoyne to retirement the Cats had to reinvent themselves like Hickey.
We've lost massive players - 12 months ago, DJ Carey, Peter Barry and John Hoyne were all part of our panel.
Right: Luke Smith, Toni Carey, Peter Stephens, Becky Burns and Katie Murphy
Who really makes the final call - Kevin Malone, Bob Graziano, Robert Daly, Chase Carey, Peter Chernin, Murdoch, Nancy Bea Hefley?