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Noun1.loading dock - a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloadedloading dock - a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
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No information existed on what army equipment was present within the ship's actual cargo bay.
An independent company with more than 20 freighter destinations with its own fleet modern freighters, it also operates using the cargo bay of Saudi Arabian Airlines' 127 mostly wide-body passenger aircraft plying across 52 destinations in four continents.
It has a onetonne payload and the cargo bay is designed to accept a standard-sized pallet, so commercially it ticks those boxes.
Of this, BD30,000 will be allocated for revamping the area around the LuLu Complex in Manama that surrounds the market, BD292,000 for setting up insulators, BD273,000 for central air-conditioning of the vegetable and fruit market, BD165,000 for the maintenance of fish and meat market, BD40,000 for the expansion of the cargo bay, BD440,000 for paving the area for trucks, BD16,000 for five maintenance projects at the vegetable and fruit market, BD12,000 for two such projects at the fish market and BD9,000 for the meat market.
Ranon said policemen were surprised when they opened the truck's cargo bay and found 72 dead dogs.
The design concept of the aircraft is similar to the current Beluga with the cargo bay structure, the aircrafts rear-end and tail being some of the sections newly developed.
The bodies, in boxes covered with white cloth, were lowered slowly in pairs from the high cargo bay of the 747, and lined up on four-wheeled cargo pallets on the tarmac.
The design concept is similar to the current Beluga, with the distinctive lowered cockpit, cargo bay structure, rear-end and tail being among the items that are newly developed.
Summary: Plane diverted to Riyadh after smoke alarm tripped in cargo bay
All of which is great for passengers: good for load length in the cargo bay behind which is why by 2010, Mitsubishi had the L200 Double Cab's previously rather load length by 180mm, producing a total load length of 1505mm than now can virtually match that of its arch-rival, Nissan's Navara.
The cargo bay was loaded with heavy military vehicles, and dashboard-cam video showed that the crew tried to turn back shortly after takeoff, as the nose came up and the airplane stalled.
The C-40 cannot land on unimproved runways or have armored vehicles driven into its cargo bay the way purpose-built military transport aircraft can.