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An ancient region of southwest Asia Minor with a coastline on the Aegean Sea. It was settled by Dorian and Ionian colonists and conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 bc.


(Placename) an ancient region of SW Asia Minor, on the Aegean Sea: chief cities were Halicarnassus and Cnidus: corresponds to the present-day Turkish districts of S Aydin and W Muğla


(ˈkɛər i ə)

an ancient district in SW Asia Minor.
Car′i•an adj.
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Though popularly ascribed to Homer, its real author is said by Suidas to have been Pigres, a Carian, brother of Artemisia, `wife of Mausonis', who distinguished herself at the battle of Salamis.
Sansal explains as follows: "The findings obtained in this region where the native people, namely the Lelegs and the Carians have lived since the beginning, indicate that the city is dated back to 2000 years B.
Chapter 2, "The Hittite Empire's Anatolian Successors," introduces the polities and peoples of Iron Age Anatolia that did not continue Hittite traditions, including the Greeks, Carians, Lycians, Phrygians, and Lydians, and might better have been placed later in the book, once readers were better acquainted with the Neo-Hittites themselves.
Here Mulciber has portrayed the Nomad tribe and there the engirdled Africans, here the Leleges and Carians and the Gelonian archers--the Euphrates now flowing with more restrained waves, the Morini, the most far-off of peoples, the two-horned Rhine and indomitable Dahae and the Araxes that detests its bridge.
317-319), which raise the questions: how could Carian shepherds be the great-grandparents or ancestors of the Spartan heroes of Thermopylae (480 BC), at which the Carians would have fought on the Persian side?
the Carians found peace through marriage, Caesar was bound to Pompey through it, and Alexander could not have joined Asia to Europe by any other means.
Bulla Ager Veientanus Aeolus Carians Agriculture (1/2 col + refs Aequi Carthaginians to butchery, farming Agylla (caere) Aesaronenses Celts acroteria Africa, North Chariot Alalia (see Corsica) Agamemnon Cimmmerians Alban hills Aita (Hades) Cippus Albegna valley Ajax (plate ref.