Cariboo Mountains

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Car·i·boo Mountains

A range of eastern British Columbia, Canada, rising to 3,516 m (11,535 ft). Gold was discovered in the western foothills in 1860.

Cariboo Mountains

pl n
(Placename) a mountain range in SW Canada, in SE British Columbia. Highest peak: Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier, 3520 m (11 549 ft)

Car′i•boo Moun′tains

(ˈkær əˌbu)
a mountain range in SW Canada, in E central British Columbia, part of the Rocky Mountains: highest peak, ab. 11,750 ft. (3580 m).
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Ice was channelled in various directions by transverse valleys, but regionally it flowed outward to join a northward flow, then eastward around the Cariboo Mountains toward the Rocky Mountains northeast of Prince George (Tipper 1971).
Billy Connolly experiences the wild heartbeat of nature with Ecotours-BC and "the bear whisperer" in British Columbia's Cariboo Mountains.
Another 40 percent of the pulp was made of virgin fibers from lodgepole pine and sub-alpine fir trees grown in the Cariboo Mountains of central British Columbia.
Recently completed recovery plans for mountain caribou identify the need to reduce the rate of predation to achieve recovery (MCTAC 2002, Hart and Cariboo Mountains Recovery Implementation Group (HCMRIG) 2005).