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Noun1.Carica - type genus of the CaricaceaeCarica - type genus of the Caricaceae; tropical American trees: papayas
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Caricaceae, family Caricaceae, papaya family - trees native to tropical America and Africa with milky juice and large palmately lobed leaves
Carica papaya, melon tree, papaia, papaya, papaya tree, pawpaw - tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit
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One of them grasped by the middle the white parasol, and he resembled curiously a carica ture of a shopkeeping citizen in one of his own Ger man comic papers.
Talking about green papaya - The papaya is the fruit of the Carica papaya tree, it is native to southern Mexico and Central America and is now cultivated in many tropical regions.
KARACHI -- The launching ceremony of 600 Tons Maritime Patrol Vessel being built for Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), was held at Carica Shipyard and Engineering Works (KS and EW) here on Tuesday.
Key words: African fig fly; spotted wing drosophila; vinegar fly; Ficus carica
Results of the assessment show that out of the twenty-five (25) identified plants, they preferred succulent food plants such as Carica papaya, Colocasia esculenta and Operculina turphetum.
Carica papaya leaf extract (CPLE) is shown to overexpress ALOX-12 and platelet-activating factor receptor gene which stimulates the megakaryopoiesis.
The Effect of Carica Papaya Seeds on The Histology of The Liver In Wistar Rats.
Key-words: characterization, Ficus carica L, maturation, physico-chemic quality
Contract award notice:works on the roof of the University of Dubrovnik at Cira Carica 4 that is the subject of procurement are rehabilitation of hydro and thermal insulation parts of a flat roof according to the executable project documentation rehabilitation of hydro and thermal insulation of flat roof of the building of the University of Dubrovnik, Masarykov put 4, Dubrovnik made by the authorized civil engineer Ante butter and the budget which is an integral part of the tender documents,
Nel senso che questo prioritario rivolgersi a uno stuolo di "fedeli" si carica di ulteriori responsabilite come per aprire il confronto su tematiche ardue nelle forme proprie dell'espressione letteraria.