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 (kär-līl′, kär′līl′)
A borough of northwest England near the Scottish border. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in Carlisle's 11th-century castle from May to July 1568.


(kɑːˈlaɪl; ˈkɑːlaɪl)
(Placename) a city in NW England, administrative centre of Cumbria: railway and industrial centre. Pop: 71 773 (2001). Latin name: Luguvallum


(kɑrˈlaɪl, ˈkɑr laɪl)

a city in Cumbria, in NW England. 102,900.
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Tim Brown began smoking salmon when he was 15 years old in his native hometown, Carlisle, England on the border of Scotland.
The accused said he had attended a Travellers' gathering in Appleby near Carlisle, England.
Carlisle (England), Jan 21(ANI): A 32-year-old man has been arrested after a Koran was allegedly burned during an anti-Islam rant in Carlisle, England.
CARLISLE, England, March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Evolutionary theorist Alastair Clarke has today published details of eight patterns he claims to be the basis of all the humour that has ever been imagined or expressed, regardless of civilization, culture or personal taste.
closed its Shaddon Mill manufacturing site in Carlisle, England, eliminating about 45 positions as of the end of September.
Last year the Mirror tracked the 49-year-old to his hideaway in Carlisle, England, where he bought the lambs.