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Noun1.Carlo Goldoni - prolific Italian dramatist (1707-1793)Carlo Goldoni - prolific Italian dramatist (1707-1793)
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In the early sixties of our own century I was no more conscious of his realism than he was himself a hundred years before; but I had eyes in my head, and I saw that what he had seen in Venice so long before was so true that it was the very life of Venice in my own day; and because I have loved the truth in art above all other things, I fell instantly and lastingly in love with Carlo Goldoni.
The Cavern, Mathew Street, Liverpool 0151 236 1965 - Sun, 26 Nov COMEDY One Man Two Guvnors Based on the classic Italian comedy The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, this is the new English version by prizewinning playwright Richard Bean.
Directed by Richard Tunley, the play is based on the book The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni and set in Brighton in the swinging 60s.
Jane said: "Helen Withers was due to play Beatrice in Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni but fell and broke her ankle two weeks before the show.
This National Theatre production, written by Richard Bean, is based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni written in the 1750s.
Existe en la adopcion de la zarzuela << nueva >> un primer periodo, entre 1764 y 1769, en el que la mayor parte de las operas que se traducen son de Carlo Goldoni, que inevitablemente seran el modelo en estos primeros anos (7).
This Richard Bean comedy, based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, seems a shade confusing early on, but it matters not a jot as the action speeds up, with even a spot of 'audience participation.
Justicia para Grupos Vulnerables AC, presenta La viuda astuta de Carlo Goldoni, bajo la direccion de Luis Alvaro Hernandez Esquivel con la Compania Teatro Estudio Nosotros, fundada hace treinta anos por Armando Daniels Rivera, con la idea de fomentar el teatro de tradiciones mexicanas.
Walking out and towards the Arno you will come across Flair on Piazza Carlo Goldoni, which is a contemporary home d?
The play is a modern adaptation of a 250-year-old Italian farce by Carlo Goldoni.
Del resto gia un suo grande contemporaneo, Carlo Goldoni, aveva colto acutamente l'essenza dell'arte del Metastasio nell'epistola del 1754, premessa alla commedia in versi Terenzio, dedicata al <<poeta cesareo>>: <<[.
Based on a farce by Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni, the play has been wittily transferred from 1800s Venice to 1960s Brighton, where Corden's hapless Francis Henshall accidentally becomes the overeager bagman for two crime bosses.