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(kɑːˈmɑːðənˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) a county of S Wales, formerly part of Dyfed (1974–96): on Carmarthen Bay, with the Cambrian Mountains in the N: generally agricultural (esp dairying). Administrative centre: Carmarthen. Pop: 176 000 (2003 est). Area: 2398 sq km (926 sq miles)


(kɑrˈmɑr ðənˌʃɪər, -ʃər)

a historic county in Dyfed, S Wales.
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Besides his town palace, the Marquis had castles and palaces in various quarters of the three kingdoms, whereof the descriptions may be found in the road-books--Castle Strongbow, with its woods, on the Shannon shore; Gaunt Castle, in Carmarthenshire, where Richard II was taken prisoner--Gauntly Hall in Yorkshire, where I have been informed there were two hundred silver teapots for the breakfasts of the guests of the house, with everything to correspond in splendour; and Stillbrook in Hampshire, which was my lord's farm, an humble place of residence, of which we all remember the wonderful furniture which was sold at my lord's demise by a late celebrated auctioneer.
APETITION calling for Carmarthenshire council not to pay its chief executive a "golden handshake" is gaining support, having already attracted hundreds of signatures.
CARMARTHENSHIRE council has opened a discussion to address recommendations made in a recently-published Welsh Language Report.
15pm in the Literature Tent: Dylan Thomas' Carmarthenshire - Join Catrin Beard as she discusses Dylan Thomas and his family roots in Carmarthenshire with writer and Dylan Thomas expert, Kate Crockett.
RENEWABLE energy firm RES has lost its appeal over plans to build a wind farm on a Carmarthenshire mountain.
THERE will be an auction at historic Derwydd Mansion, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire next month held by Anthemion Auctions of Cardiff.
A MAN has been banned from every library in Carmarthenshire after getting into a fight among the bookshelves.
NFU Cymru has supported Carmarthenshire YFC in various ways over the decades and during the recent Carmarthenshire NFU Cymru Conference it was announced that this support will continue.
THE Carmarthenshire Cheese Company is investing PS250,000 to move into purposedesigned premises with the capacity to more than double production and create 10 jobs after receiving PS100,000 from the Welsh Government's Economic Growth Fund.
The Pendine Tourism Attractor Project in Carmarthenshire will feature a new Sands of Speed state of the art museum dedicated to Pendine's historic association with land speed records; an external enhancement and events facility with exhibition esplanade, and a 42-bed hostel.
Carmarthenshire County Council, Pembrokeshire County Council and Pembrokeshire College will be setting up a joint DPS (Dynamic purchasing system) for bus services and taxi services in their region.
Pendine Sands is the ideal base for exploring pretty Carmarthenshire ("the Garden of Wales") and the stunning Pembrokeshire coast.