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 (kär-mĕl′) also Car·mel-by-the-Sea (-bī-thə-sē′)
A city of west-central California on Carmel Bay at the southern end of the Monterey Peninsula. It is an artists' and writers' colony and a popular tourist spot.


(Placename) Mount Carmel a mountain ridge in NW Israel, extending from the Samarian Hills to the Mediterranean. Highest point: about 540 m (1800 ft)


(ˈkɑr məl, kɑrˈmɛl)

Mount, a mountain ridge in NW Israel, near the Mediterranean coast. Highest point, 1818 ft. (554 m).
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They had taken the direct county road across the hills from Monterey, instead of the Seventeen Mile Drive around by the coast, so that Carmel Bay came upon them without any fore-glimmerings of its beauty.
At last she was able to take her eyes from the surf and gaze at the sea-horizon of deepest peacock-blue and piled with cloud-masses, at the curve of the beach south to the jagged point of rocks, and at the rugged blue mountains seen across soft low hills, landward, up Carmel Valley.
Why don't you stop in Carmel for a while, It isn't so bad.
Everywhere from among the pines peeped the quaint pretty houses of the artist folk, and they were not prepared, where the road dipped to Carmel River, for the building that met their eyes.
We had all intended to go by diligence to Damascus, and switch off to Baalbec as we went along--because we expected to rejoin the ship, go to Mount Carmel, and take to the woods from there.
containing a portion of the true cross, brought from the Monastery of Mount Carmel.
He was shot by one of our lookouts at the cave-refuge at Carmel, through failure on his part to remember the secret signals.
Carmel Dog Tales wants to read the most memorable adventure, comedy, or tear-jerker tale youve had with your pooch.
Investec Growth & Acquisition Finance today announces that it has provided a Au16 million integrated debt facility to support the growth strategy of the London-based garment designers and manufacturers, Carmel Clothing.
com)-- Carmel Pharma has solidified its commitment to the state of Ohio by making an investment to grow their workforce and expand operations in the city of Worthington.
M2 EQUITYBITES-31 August 2010-Hadera Paper announces commencement of full tender offer for Carmel Container Systems(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Tasty Tara wore a glam Pinko beaded dress while Carmel donned a Touch Luxe dress during the launch at the Button Factor in Dublin.