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 (kär′mī-kəl), Hoagland Howard Known as "Hoagy." 1899-1981.
American songwriter whose many popular works include "Stardust" (1927) and "Georgia on My Mind" (1930).


(Biography) Hoaglund Howard (ˈhəʊɡlənd), known as Hoagy. 1899–1981, US pianist, singer, and composer of such standards as "Star Dust" (1929).


(ˈkɑr maɪ kəl)

1. Hoagland Howard ( “Hoagy” ), 1899–1981, U.S. songwriter.
2. Stokely, 1941–98, U.S. civil-rights leader, born in Trinidad.
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Noun1.Carmichael - United States songwriter (1899-1981)
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Now Alec Carmichael was on the staff of half a dozen hospitals.
But I said nothing, and Alec Carmichael proceeded reflectively:
Soon after, the little boy was sent home, as Indian children always are, but his mother remained out in India, and a year or two later married Major Henry Carmichael Smyth.
Again, at Tristan d'Acunha in the Atlantic, Carmichael [6] states that the only two land-birds, a thrush and a bunting, were "so tame as to suffer themselves to be caught with a hand-net.
Carmichael joined Fifth Third in 2003 as Chief Information Technology Officer.
Andy Carmichael was recruited at a garden party held in Cannock to honour Baroness Thatcher in 1991 and asked to help monitor the far-right group in the West Midlands.
The documents show how far-right leaders' suspicions were confirmed after Carmichael went public about his undercover work in 1997.
NBC has decided to cancel "The Carmichael Show" after only three seasons.
Carmichael avoided a narrow approach towards the history of BiH by not focusing only on the events of the 1990's--but rather offered a historical overview of the country (from the Ottoman Empire until the recent events).
The University of Oregon's new police chief, Matthew Carmichael, wasn't subtle in July when he was trying out for the UO job.
NICOLA Sturgeon last night travelled to Shetland in a bid to capitalise on fury over the Alistair Carmichael scandal.
STARRING: Jerrod Carmichael, Loretta Devine, David Alan Crier