carminic acid

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car·min·ic acid

A red crystalline compound, C22H20O13, that is extracted from female cochineal insects and is used as a biological stain, complexing agent, and acid-base indicator.
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Only females produce the carminic acid that is responsible for the intense red colouring.
Blanchard, A Study of the Fluorescence and Reorientation Dynamics of Carminic Acid in Primary Alcohols, J.
Historically produced from carminic acid, the pigment is extracted from the "Ararat", or Armenian cochineal, an endangered insect that lives in the roots of a plant in the Ararat Plain and Aras River valley that runs through and alongside Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran.
Further, a highly appreciated natural dye based on carminic acid is obtained from cultivated Dactylopius coccus Costa (Hemiptera: Dactylopiidae) reared on the cladode.