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a.1.Invested with, or embodied in, flesh.
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Ultimately it was my unwillingness to speak about the one thing perhaps most important in the mortal and carnate universe--my body's desire--that torqued my language into poetry.
Carnates "It isn't nice being dead," said the apparently solid-looking carnate apparition, and he began to tremble.
Not long after The Suffering's player-character is confined to his death cell in Abbot State Penitentiary on Carnate Island, Maryland, an earthquake strikes and the island is overrun by monsters that embody different aspects of its dark past.
Buzz" Martin III, executive director of Pakachoag Acres Day Care Centers, will perform a musical theater number with dance instructor Caitlin Foley, and Auburn Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Pierce will dance the salsa with Zumba dance instructor Glenda Carnate.
John Carnate admits he was literally "asleep at the wheel" several hours into his first spring chinook fishing trip of the year.
The gerundive gifts of being, faith, thinking, teaching, procreating new life in families, and caring for all life are not accidentally manifestations of our Creator, carnate and incarnate.
Christ is man, in the process of becoming divine, achieving transcendence out of his carnate adventure to the secular darkness" (Weathers, Critical Essay 24).
Sid James (played with irrepressible lasciviousness by Christopher Fairbank) is Priapus in carnate.
10 To clean up stained nails, use carnate cream, available from chemists.
The Suffering: Ties That Bind begins shortly after the first game ended, as protagonist Torque arrives in Baltimore Harbor after leaving the unspeakable carnage of Carnate Island behind.
Burning of a body to ashes and subsequent dispersal of those ashes is the deepest form of metaphor for the soul's ultimate anxiety: that it is mortal, that death is eternal, that the self is annihilated upon its separation from carnate matter.
OAKLAND (60) - Derry 27, Eggers 11, Wells 8, Beecroft 4, Adams 2, Brenner 8, Edwards, Marrs, Carnate, Fisher, Forbess, Harper.